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What is evolution?
Evolutionists teach around 13.8 billion years ago there was nothing but dead empty space, and then suddenly out of random time and chance there was an explosion of what we call the big bang theory which made all the galaxies, stars, and including life on earth.

Evolutionists teach that all land animals came from the ocean through a spark of light that mutated into bacteria which evolved into a living DNA fish cell that became a fish; which through over millions of years evolved into a lizard then into an ape creature that
evenly became a human being. 
The foolishness of evolution
Evolution is none-life making life.
Evolution is an unintelligent force of nature making intelligent beings.   
These two examples of evolution are scientifically impossible and
can never happen.
The big bang theory is not even theory; it is called stupid. Even if you have million big bangs go off at all different times it will never create order and life. All bang bangs cause destruction.
The greatest scientific way for one to prove the big bang theory is that if you can blow up a junk yard and millions of years later it puts together a Ford Mustang then the theory of
evolution can be solved.
Evolutionists teach that it takes millions of years to see mutations through life on earth to be visibly possible. This example is no different than teaching someone that it takes millions of years to watch money grow on trees, but it takes millions of years to see it happen. 
Evolutionists have foolishly convinced some people that the cow used to
be the dolphin.
I do not know what kind of beef you buy at the store but it will never be dolphin meat in the beef section.
From a scientific stand point evolution is not true at all for there is no observable evidence. And from a logical view point it is self-evident we did not evolved from fish in the ocean. People eat fish; we did not come from fish. Evolution therefore is laughter.