God's Creation

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The foolishness of evolution

Evolutionists teach all land animals including human life came from the ocean.
They teach that bacteria mutated into a living fish DNA cell that evolved into a fish, which evolved into a lizard that changed into an ape and then a human being. Fishes do not change into lizards at all, and then into human beings, that would be impossible! Hence, people eat fish, we did not come from fish.
Evolutionists teach it takes millions of years to watch and see the observable evidence they claim it to be. The foolishness of evolution is like saying that money grows on trees but it takes millions of years to see the evidence.
Yeah, evolutionists have convinced many people that the cow used to be the dolphin.
I do not know what kind of meat you buy at the store but it will never be dolphin meat in the beef section.
The big bang theory?   
Life could not have happened through an explosion, all big bangs or explosions cause destruction. Even if you had a million big bangs go off all at different times it will never make order, balance, and especially life.

Evolution is non-living matter making living matter, and 
it is an unintelligent force of nature making intelligent human life. This is called impossible!
Non-life can not make life.   


The big bang theory is not even theory, it is called stupid.
It is like blowing up a junk yard and billions of years later it
puts together a car.
What about the fossil record, what proof does it show? 
The fossil record is the fool's record. Finding scull fossils and putting them together into a puzzle after the sculls have been also highly modified to fit the puzzle shows no proof of evolution.
There have been far too many animals that faced   
extinction like the Woolly Mammoth and saber-toothed tiger.
It is of no surprise that other ape like family animals faced extinction that looked similar to apes, in which was dug up and modified to look even closer to a human scull. 

Eight proof's of creation
A fined tuned earth

(1) If the earth were any closer to the sun it would be too hot to support life, and any farther from the sun the earth would be too cold for life on earth. 

(2) If the gravity were any stronger we would not be able to walk, and if it were lighter we would float in the air as we move.

(3) If the oxygen were just one molecule off we would not even be able to breathe air.
(4) God made the day and night pattern of sun rise and sun set perfectly matched with our built in biological  clock. 

(5) Our taste buds are perfectly matched for the foods we eat.
(6) The guy in the picture shows what life would be like if God did not give us the EQUILIBRIUM system for balance including the 5 sensory organs innervated by the vestibular nerve. 
(7) If you take something as simple as iron away from foods life would cease to exist.
(8) There remains an endless list of the God's creation with the elements of a fine tune earth.