Time machine
Time travel
Let’s say you can go back to Noah’s generation through time travel, and the only thing you can take with you is your necessities and a book containing information with out pictures stating that man has been to the moon. Now when the people in Noah’s generation hear what you have to say, “Man has been to the moon.” They laugh at you and mock you saying, "Man has never been to the moon, it’s impossible."
With this example, we can see that the people in Noah’s generation will not believe that man has been to the moon just like the people in our generation refuse to believe that Noah’s ark is a true story.  

A real life size replica of Noah's ark in Kentucky

Global proof that the world was
flooded with water. There are water sediments in   
mountains all over the world   
including marine and fish fossils high in the mountains.

How did all the animals fit on the ark? Noah could easily fit all the animals on the ark that were much smaller and younger with age.  

How did the kangaroo get to Australia after the flood?
After the flood there were land bridges that allowed animals to cross over because the ocean’s water resided to low until the ice glaciers melted at the poles which became frozen during the flood, then when the ices glaciers melted the
sea rose to normal levels.

How did Noah get all the animals in the ark from around the world? Before the flood the earth was a Pangea, which was one massive land. When the flood came, the Pangea split under the waters allowing the continents to shift making what we have today.