Words of Wisdom

This page is dedicated to all Christians for
encouragement and strengthen your walk with God.

Proverbs 4:7 says get wisdom.

Over 300 words of wisdom 

(1) When you let God paint the picture, you will
always have more color in your days.

(2) When you stop valuing patience, you stopped
valuing how God loves to work in your life.

(3) Living in sin does not make life easier, it makes life emptier.

(4) One of the marks of greatness is your ability to help put greatness in others.

(5) The most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched or seen, 
they must be felt within the heart.

(6) God does not exist for our purposes, we exist for His purposes.

(7) Those who do not support your dreams in life are not on your level.

​(8) Attitude is the only difference between success and failure.

(9) When you have character, self-respect springs.

(10) The character of God is starting something good in someone’s life today.

(11) Making a difference in someone’s world is the only
difference they will be able to see in their world.

(12) Your compassion for other affects the destiny for others.

(13) Be the change you want to see in this world.

(14) A Christian is an upright person in a downward world.

(15) The world wants us to conform, the Spirit wants us to transform.

(16) A person can be mature about doing evil,
but it never changes the fact that doing
evil is immature.

(17) Doing nothing in life makes you tired.

(18) Always view time as your seed for change.

(19) The change in your attitude will determine the outlook on faith.

(20) When you revisit the past, your mind tells you change is impossible.

(21) Choice not chance equals destiny, today’s preparations equals tomorrows achievement, tomorrow achievement is next seasons victory.

(22) Without convictions we fall.

(23) A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

 (24) You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep reading the last one.

(25) What chance can a man have to control his destiny when
he cannot control himself.

(26) God’s blessing of life cannot be felt in the heart if all
you are doing is living for yourself.

(27) True living faith is not alive until you become what you believe.

(28) When you truly get fixed in the things of God, you will no
longer have to fix yourself because you will be living the life God intends.

(29) You cannot do everything but you can do something.

(30) Do not let what you don’t understand disturb
what you do understand.

(31) If you are not fully persuaded in God, than anything can persuade you.

(32) When you fully realize that this corrupted world has nothing to offer you,
you can become eternally usefull to Christ.

(33) Sometimes we have to remind ourselves we are a living soul
in a decaying body.

(34) The most important thing in your life is not near
as important as where you will go when you die.

(35) Sin camouflages its self as freedom and then
takes away your freedom at the same time.

(36) Apart from God’s ways we are never free in our own ways.

(37) The more I see of God the less I see of self.

(38) The more we let God take over the more truly ourselves we become.

(39) God does not want you just to be forgiven; He wants
you to experience the forgiveness.

(40) When you have no spiritual strength, worldly things can
become an obsession.

(41) God’s word does not operate on your success or
failures; it operates on your faith.

(42) A renewed mind qualifies you for new experiences with God.

(43) Everything in a Christian’s life is dependent on finding rest with Christ.

(44) When your thoughts are in alliance with God’s
thoughts there will be peace.

(45) Your relationship to God is so important it will be the one that lasts forever.

(46) When God sees you exercising His moral will on your life,
God will open His plans for your life.

(47) When you put God first, first things first, the second
things in life can be enjoyed.

(48) When you do not put God first, you will feel
like last place in all your experiences.

(49) The most enjoyable thing you will ever
experience in life is your devotion to God.

(50) You will not experience the fullness of life until
you can experience the fullness of Christ.

(51) Matt 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
This means when you have a pure heart, you will
be able to see God in everything you do.

(52) The greatest place to be in life is when you feel cleansed.

(53) You are most beautiful when you are most happy.

(54) If you do your own thing apart from God, your
own thing will become a god.

(55) If you do not get on the right train of thoughts in the morning
you will not arrive at the right location at night.

(56) To overcome temptation is to master the moment with God.

(57) There are two ways you can fall into temptation, that
is to fall under pressure or when you lose appreciation for what you have.

(58) The best way to appreciate what you have in life is
imagine your life without them.

(59) One of the greatest tragedies in life is when God gave
someone more time to get things right in life and never did.

(60) When you feel like you do not need God is when you need Him most.

(61) If you focus on this world you will get distressed, if you focus on yourself you will get depressed, if you focus on Christ you will be at rest.

(62) God's goal is for you to be heavenly grown and earthly lived.

(63) Your ability to walk with God is highly based on your
belief that God answers to your prayers.

(64) The right relationship with God is responding to His love not your guilt.

(65) It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

(66) If God never gave you what you wanted, will you still seek and love Him?

(67) When you get tangled up in all your cares and concerns in life,
life become a lonely place.

(68) A person who is self-centered is off centered.

(69) Your attitude toward circumstances determines your happiness.

(70) The more closely you follow God’s leading
the more fully He can develop your gifts.

(71) People build muscle when they overcome gravity;
people who build the inner life they will overcome sin.

(72) The closer you live to God the less distance for
mistakes you will make in life.

(73) God’s existence is so obvious that all
expressions of unbelief are always translated into evil actions.

(74) Your faith can not be released until you know
what you’re after in the life of Christ.

(75) Faith is the power of small steps.

(76) Small steps of faith lead to the big picture.

(77) Every day is a step of faith.

  (78) Believing has the ability to do for us of
what needs to be done in us.

(79) To live by faith is your spirit learning to
how see for the very first time.

(80) Doubt is the only weapon effective Satan has in defeating you.

(81) Doubt focuses on what we are going through, faith focuses on 
what we are going to.

(82) Sinful pleasure is digging wells where there is no water.

(83) Your greatest potential is released when you put together
what God told you to do with your life.

(84) Trust in God with the journey of life even with it does not make since.

(85) The greatest gift that anyone can give you in life is the right example.

(86) The seed of faith is unlocked with one’s ability to be grateful.

(87) The more secure you feel, the more stable you are.

(88) Manage your emotions or your emotions will manage you.

(89) God’s will is preceded by the realm of patience.

(90) Your unwillingness to wait of God leads to rebellion.

(91) To live is Christ, not success.

(92) Faith in your heart can move mountains of
doubt; fear in your heart will allow mountains of doubt to move you.

(93) It will cost you more to live outside the will of God than inside His will.

(94) The company you keep will determine the trouble you meet.

(95) What you are and what you become depends on how you use time.

(96) What you do in time determines what you become.

(97) You may not be able to change what happened
to you but you can change how you choose to live with it.

(98) Do not allow your circumstances to dictate your relationship with God.

(99) When I keep trying I keep falling, but when I trust I exceed.

(100) The resurrected life of Christ cannot flow through you as
long as you are living behind a stone.

(101) Nothing shapes your life more than the commitments you keep.

(102) A thankful heart enables you to see abundance.

(103) It is more important to see God from the eyes of
faith than to see Him with our natural eyes.

(104) What you see with your eyes you take for granted.

(105) Faith is believing in the unseen, because the
reward is seeing what you believe.

(106) Do not let what you see dominate what you believe.

(107) Do not allow one difficult or depressed season
of your life turn into a lifetime of difficulty or depression.

(108) When things go wrong do not go wrong with them.

(109) A person with a restless heart has not found rest in Christ.

(110) The weakest times in your life are when you
turn in to your own feelings rather than seeking after God.

(111) Even when the burden of life is felt,
just remember the burden of not knowing the Lord is greater.

(112) When you feel like your life is going nowhere,
just remember how far you come.

(113) The bend in the road is not the end of the road.

(114) If you can remove the seed of doubt in your heart,
you will not have to climb the mountain to see the view.

(115) Deep peace comes through cleaned memory.

(116) The worst moments in your life are not near as bad as giving
into the devil’s lies and living in sin with personal defeat.

(117) Whatever you’re going through, are you staying in it or coming out of it?

(118) No matter what season of life you are in, the
flower will still bloom again.

(119) Your greatest times in life are not your vacations, family outings, the 
day you got married, spending time with friends and having fun, and the
gold metal you won. No, it is not any of these at all; the greatest times of
your life can be traced back to when your heart is right with God.

(120) Obedience in Christ puts your life in order.

(121) There is nothing more hope filled then given a
new beginning in Christ.

(122) What you do not have the faith for someone else will.

(123) The lies of paganism has shaped people in such a
way they no longer recognize truth.

(124) The voice you follow today determines your future tomorrow.
You can follow the voice of fear or the voice of faith.

(125) The world is looking for love and instead
turning to lust and then feeling lost.

(126) When sex came easy in this world through the cost of 
lust true love became harder to find.
(127) God loves you so much He does not want you tied down to
those things in life that does not bring out the best in you.

(128) God is not looking for perfect; He is looking for people
who will depend on Him.

(129) God has put a confidence in me that I cannot put in myself.

(130) God has been better to me than I have been to myself.

(131) Separated from the Creator people become their worst enemy.

(132) Forgiveness is the promised life.

(133) One of the greatest doors that can be opened for you is Christ.

(134) The greatest gift that God can give you is God Himself.

(135) When you cannot see God’s hand trust His heart.

(136) Your ability to embrace correction is your success with God.

(137) Deliverance is greater than happiness.

(138) Obedience is greater than joy.

(139) Patience is greater than opportunity. 

(140) Character is greater than provision.

(141) Trust is greater than accomplishments.

(142) Wisdom is greater than rewards.

(143) Doing the right thing is greater than getting our own way.

(144) Humbleness is greater than success. 

(145) Honor is greater than freedom.

(146) Greater is he who does not know love and helps others
than the one who knows love and forsakes someone who is hurting. 

(147) Greater is the one who is in darkness and brings light
to others than the one who is in the light and shines it just on themselves.

(148) The greatest of you is the servant, because without the servant,
you lose the ability to love.

(149) The worship of God is greater than self-esteem. 

(150) The reason why God has chosen faith as faith is
because it unlocks unselfish potential. 

(151) Sin looks good in the eyes but feels bad in the heart.

(152) Wholeness with God heals conflict with self.

(153) Every accomplishment great or small starts with the right choice.

(154) The greatest things you will see in your life are not the mountains,
ocean, art, movies or people; the greatest things you will be able to see
in your life is your ability to move ahead.

(155) A receptive heart to God is the greatest key to an alert mind.

(156) If you never learn to obey God you will never learn to teach God.

(157) God is more glorified from us when we are most satisfied in Him.

(158) It is greater to have fellowship with God and to enjoy Him,
than to have plenty of pleasures in life and live without Him.

(159) If you do not have God’s word in your heart,
there will be no understanding in your soul, and if there is no
understanding in your soul, there will be no joy in your experiences.

(160) There will never be enough world’s goods to experiences in life that could ever amount to the goodness of God for your life.

(161) It is greater to know and experiences people by their
love than to know them by their gifts and talents in life.

(162) Where there is always pride in the heart there
is always lack of wisdom in the mind.

(163) Plants are not useful for food without
fruit just as Christians are not fruitful without being sweet.

(164) A faithful heart has more to see and experience
in life for through faithfulness we find gratefulness.

(165) A grateful heart is filled with plenty even
when there is lack in life; for through it, the heart fills the soul with
its own prosperity.

(166) The word of God is His preparations for God’s
provisions for your persistence.

(167) The greatest steps of faith are done when
you commit to the answers from God that you are waiting to receive.

(168) You will never experience your greatest opportunities
in life if you are not using them when you meet with God.

(169) When life starts to feel cold you are going to have to
learn how to warm yourself up.

(170) When you feel the heat in life, you must learn how to
cool yourself down.

(171) If you have never been through ups and down in life then you have never experienced the waves of the beautiful ocean.

(172) Everything I see of God’s earthly creation
teaches me to believe in everything I cannot of His heavenly creation.

(173) When you get away from the shining diamonds you are 
hiding from the sun’s light.

(174) You cannot see the sun’s light if you are living under a dark cloud.

(175) What sins you walk away from will determine what God will do next in your life.

(176) It is not good enough just to see the strips on the tiger when
you can look at those strips and see God’s design.

(177) Being on fire for God does not reveal who you are; it reveals
who you stand for.

(178)  The power of right believing always brings the power of right living.

(179) Your attitude will always determine your altitude.

(180) If you live in the light of God’s goodness you can live
in the freedom of your God given consciousness.

(181) Win back your will and you will win back your emotions.

(182) Life in the flesh is ruled by your emotions and circumstances; a life
in the Spirit is ruled by significance and growth.

(183) A person living life in the flesh is driven by their outward appearances, a person living according to the Spirit of God is driven by their inward person through Christ.

(184) Faith is building on what you know and then stepping out into the unknown.

(185) Blessings are sometimes hidden in difficulties.

(186) Pain is inevitable, misery is optional.

(187) Suffering is the ultimate test of Character.

(188) Sinful living can take you down a path in life where your
character will not sustain you.

(189) People can live any way they want, but their eyes
will remind them that they are not free.

(190) You can work with God’s creative order or work against God’s created order.

(191) When you feel crooked, you got to think yourself straight.

(192) Making what is crooked straight is honorable to God.

(193) God wants you to be less conscious of your sin and
more conscious of His forgiveness.

(194) The judgment we deserved fell on Christ, while the
blessing He deserved fell on us.

(195) People give their lives to sin when they feel rejected and unwanted.

(196) Acts of obedience brings healing to your past.

(197) God is not opposed to greatness only pride.

(198) Your own desires are your own emotional weight,
be careful what you desire.

(199) You are greater than no one else, only greater than who you used to be.

(200) Your awareness for your constant need for God is
your greatest strength.

(201) To commit a sin when things are not working out still
brings the same results.

(202) It is more painful to live in regret from sin than
the pain of not getting your own way in life.

(203) Sometimes in order to follow Christ you have to let
go of all that you wanted.

(204) To find your place in Christ in whatever you’re going through
in life will lead you into the will of God for your life.

(205) To truly be an overcomer, your spiritual life must
be greater than your natural life.

(206) Everything we possess from the human body is designed for love.

(207) Anyone who argues with God is at conflict with themselves.

(208) You have a choice to live out how things are, or how things ought to be.

(209) When a situation is outside of your control you still have a choice.

(210) The sinful world can you time but they cannot discern eternity.

(211) The will to live is lost when the will of God is forsaken.

(212) I would rather live a victorious life then to live a prosperous life.

(213) Do not let what happen to you become bigger than
what Christ did for you.

(214) The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil
because money is rooted in trying to have control.

(215) One of the worst things in the world is to be
free physically to life and enslaved mentally to sin.

(216) Faith is nothing but the will of one resting
on the promises of God.

(217) God will not show you what is on the road ahead, but He will
equip you for the journey.

(218) Your ability to rise again is your ability to find rejoicing again.

(219) Never compromise your character of God to please others.

(220) A person is never free if he or she is a master of their own life.

(221) We should be confessing our faith more than we are confession our sins.

(222) An unbeliever believer is one who believes in God and does not
believe God is able.

(223) Whenever you attempt to avoid God darkness
invades to attempt you.

(224) It is not about what you want to hear from God, it is about
how God wants to hear from you.

  (225) The more free you feel in Christ, the more certain you
will feel about yourself.

(226) The less captive you feel about your past the more
realization you have of your future.

(227) Faith talks the language of God; doubt talks the language of men.

(228) I am not moved by what I see, but by what I believe.

(229) How you see yourself in God shapes yourself,
how you define life with God shapes your destiny. 

(230) God does not depend on your faithfulness;
you are dependent on His faithfulness.

(231) You are waiting on God to change the circumstances, and
God is waiting on the circumstances to change you. 

(232) If you do not have a picture for your future
you will go back to your past. 

(233) Everyday has two handles; you can take the
handle of faith or the handle of doubt.

(234) Believing in opposition to what you see gives birth to faith.

(235) You know you’re a Christian, not by your
perfection, but by your direction.

(236) The greatest door is not God opening a door for you,
but for your heart’s door to be open for God. 

(237) If you do not hear from God keep doing what He previously said.

(238) Believe what God said in the light when 
you feel like you are in the darkness.

(239) If God gave you something and it was not what
you wanted, He is teaching you to have a grateful heart.

  (240) It matters how we live, because we can look
back in life and see what matters.

(241) For I have found a greater value of life than living
for myself and that is Jesus Christ.

(242) Champs do not become champs in the game;
they become champs in their training.

  (243) The inward eyes of faith are enabling us to see 
God while our outward eyes by sight are seeing this world passing away.

(244) Waiting is proof of trust.

(245)Waiting reveals patience.

(246) Waiting time is not wasted time.

(247) Waiting guarantees favorable results.

(248) Waiting is learning time, as long as you are waiting, you are learning.

(249) Waiting will reveal the true motives of others, and establish effective relationships with those who respect you.

(250) Waiting enables you to gather better information.

(251) Waiting brings you truth.

(252) More waiting brings more truth.

(253) Enough waiting brings you enough truth.

(254) Waiting provides God to address prayer.

(255) Waiting increases strength.

(256) Waiting is a weapon Satan dreads for you to discover.

(257) Your flesh will react to waiting, the flesh hates waiting.
The flesh wants activity without God.

(258) Waiting decreases limitations.

(259) Waiting gives birth to details and instructions with God.

(260) Waiting increases dependency on God.

(261) Waiting allows God to set opportunities up in you r life. .      

(262) Waiting is a result others cannot live without.

(263) Waiting is worth experiencing

(264) Waiting qualifies you for blessing from God.

(265) Waiting brings out the best in you.

(266) Waiting in God's timing will cease improper motives.

(267) Waiting is the key to think farther ahead than anyone.

(268) Waiting is preparation toward your desired future.

(269) Season change, people change, your own desires of
waiting will change, but God's timing never changes.

(270) Waiting reveals value.

(271) My willingness to wait reveals the value on what I believe God for.

(272) Waiting is worth experiencing.

(273) Patience purifies motives.

(274) We are troubled without patience.

(275) The earnest effort to peace is through patience.

(276) You receive much strength through patience.

(277) Through patience we avoid mistakes.

(278) God speaks to the patient; they are equipped to follow instructions.

(279) An impatient person cannot follow instructions.

(280) Your unwillingness to wait on God shows your
unwillingness to believe in God.

(281) Your personal worship with God will lead you
away from your personal warship with yourself.

(282) True success is the lack of conflict in your life; a successful
life is a more conflict free life.

(283)To the world you may be just one person, but to one
person you are the world.

(284) Each day, you can focus on what is tearing you apart, or
focus on what is keeping you together.

(285) Every day might not be good but there is good in every day.

(286) Change the way you look at things and the way
you look at things can change.

(287) Difficult people will show you exactly who you do not want to be.

(288) If life does not get easier, you get stronger.

(289) Stop waiting for the right moment, take the
moment and make it right.

(290) People who do not take care of themselves is
because they do not value themselves.

(291) You can invest in tomorrow by making the right choices for today.

(292) For progression to take place, priority must be in order.

(293) You are never free if you have someone to impress.

(294) Be a believer if you want to be an achiever.

(295) Some people profit from their experiences, others stay stuck on them.

(296) You cannot be someone’s light unless you are walking in the light.

(297) People who are called to greatness meet great challenges.

(298) Character is a reflection of the heart; personality is the reflection of the mind.

(299) Faith doesn’t deny a problem exists, it just denies it a
place of influence over your life.

(300) When you lose your peace you face a struggle.

(301) Do not go where the path can lead, go where
there is no path and lead a trail.

(302) Our lives improve only when we take chances, and
the first and most difficult chance we can take is to be honest with ourselves.

(303) A person who exercises no self-control sees no danger.

(304) Your mind can create problems that are not even
there in the first place because of worry.

(305) We are not a product of time but eternity.

(306) Wounded emotions can lock self in and others out.

(307) If God is kept on the outside, it is because sin is kept on the inside.

(308) Manage your emotions before they manage you.

(309) Focus of the future instead of the failure .

(310) What you think about yourself is more important
than what others think of you.

(311) Keep the bible open to your heart and you will
not find the doors to heaven shut.

(312) We may not know what the future holds but we
know who holds the future.

(313) To wait on God means to accept what needs
to be done at this time. 

(314) God’s love is unconditional, His blessings are conditional. 

(315) Do not chase blessings, if you chase God, blessings will chase you.

(316) God works in us as also a means of what He wants to work out of us. 

(317) Never linger in the presence of those who
do not respect your desires for God.

(318) Your ability to reach God after failure is what God sees. 

  (319) It is only through God’s delays we learn patience.

(320) The more we pursue God for material
possessions the more distance He becomes. 

(321) Unanswered prayers can be as much
part of God’s will as answered prayers. 

  (322) If there is something between you and God you will find no rest.

  (323) God asks for progress not perfection.

(324) God does not call us to be successful but to be faithful. 

(325) God’s plan was not canceled because of a disappointment. 

(326) Your relationship with God on earth
determines your relationship with Him in heaven. 

(327) All relationships require times of closeness and distance. 

(328) No man is at peace with God if he is at peace with sin. 

  (329) God rewards faith, not brilliance.

(330) The greatest people in your life are those who
feed your faith, the most dangerous people in your life are
the ones who feed your doubts.